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Wei-Shiuan Huang 黃薇瑄 Composer, Audio Editor

音樂家, 電影配樂師, 音樂編輯師


大學就讀美國波士頓 Berklee College of Music 的電影配樂係。在課堂中學習編曲技巧、錄音技巧、混音技巧、分析樂曲還有訓練完成模擬配樂製作的過程,讓我建構完整的音樂架構與解決音樂後製過程所會遇到的困難。在學習路程中增進自己去解決林林總總的問題,在製作過程中解決問題也是一個很重要的課題!







Performer, Film Composer, Music Editor

        Starting my musical journey from a young age, I received classical piano training for a remarkable 15 years. A pivotal juncture came during my high school days when the mesmerizing performances by Taiwan's Ju Percussion Group redirected my musical course, leading me to transition from piano to percussion. Enrolling in numerous master classes became a cornerstone, refining my percussion prowess and deepening my connection with the instrument.  Fast forward to Berklee College of Music, where I specialized in marimba and stumbled upon the incredible world of jazz in mallet percussion.  A remarkable professor's mastery of the jazz vibraphone struck a chord in me, inspiring tireless practice to grasp the nuances of jazz scales and harmony. This journey not only expanded my musical flexibility but also revealed my knack for swiftly adapting to various styles. As movies took center stage in my life, especially beloved Disney creations, I became acutely aware of the power of film music in storytelling. This realization fueled my decision to major in Film Scoring, immersing me in the intricacies of composition, arranging, orchestrating, and mixing. Understanding the profound sway that film music holds over emotions, I eagerly embraced the complex path of crafting profoundly impactful compositions. Challenges notwithstanding, I eagerly anticipated the road ahead in film scoring, poised to enrich my career prospects through a well-rounded understanding of various instruments fostered by Berklee College of Music – a journey propelling me further along my musical adventure.

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